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there's only one way to live life, and that's with no regrets. so if you have any regrets, fix them if you can... but if you can't fix them, then learn from them and move on.

New Year #List

Hi! I'm Emily, and I'm hoping you don't find my blog obnoxious. Here, you'll find everything that tickles my fancy, from food to the stars to the worst puns you'll ever hear to some really really bad self-written poetry. Talk to me! I swear I don't bite.

Inspiring Quotes When You Need Some Life Motivation

'When it rains look for rainbows, when its dark look for stars.' Keep holding on, look for the positives in life even when its raining inside your mind ♡ inspiring quotes just for you[ ] #health

New Year's Wishes

What shall I wish you? Treasures of earth? Songs in the springtime, Pleasure and mirth? Flowers on your pathway, Skies ever clear? Would this assure you A HAPPY NEW YEAR? What shall I wish you? What c