great for the older ones!

Money gift ideas!!! Perfect gift idea for teens.

Money gift idea! Chocolate box full of money! Had a collection at work for a co-workers 80th birthday! Can't wait to see her face when she opens it!

Cute Christmas Cash gift ideas

Definitely a must-do for the younger family members who don't care about cards!

Gifts In A Jar

Creative Ways to Give Graduation Money

Idea For Saving Money...i did this for a while in the spring to save for chris's birthday...i was surprised at how much I saved.

Money Flower Rose for Valentines or Birthday Tutorial

Cute idea for teenagers

Cute idea, think ill write a set for Snow to give her on her 18th birthday, one for each year of her life <3

Christmas Special: Christmas Decoration Ideas

10 Easy Gifts That’ll Totally Make the Love of Your Life Cry - WorldLifestyle

teenage goodie bags

This is a very cute idea for giving money as a Christmas gift.

would be fun to get in the mail

Wish i had found this before Christmas! No more boring money cards... just need an ample supply of ring boxes...

great idea

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments, cute idea -- @Brandy Waterfall Waterfall C , i saw your spice ornaments pin.. have you seen this one?