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Zombie fingers haha for the next time I'm bored in class

Foot tattoo

Trampoline hand tattoo… cute thing to draw on your hand when youre bored in class or somethin, but why would you want that there forever. He wont be bouncin too high when youre eighty.

Tattoos on foot: 20 creative ideas and designs - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

Always wanted an Anchor on my foot with my Grandpop's Naval Ship Number next to it...think I finally found one I like:)

If I wasn't sure I'd end up with 1 balloon. At least I know this tattoo is always going to be on my foot. One anywhere else may wander start up and "wander" to a knee or someplace

That is one awesome tattoo!

Filigree/Flourish To Swirl From The Ankle Down The Foot.

Curves & Tattoos

White ink feet tattoos, but I would always have a pedicure. Especially in a picture!!

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Love ♡ Tattoo

Foot tattoos hurt but that would be worth it

Foot tattoo

Such a sweet tattoo. Can you see it...? :)

Tattoo on inside of foot!

Foot tattoo



Foot Tattoos