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Kitchen Basics 101: Making Half a Recipe Use the original cooking temperature/time as a reference point but monitor closely for the results you are looking for; If you are baking half a recipe of cake, bread or pie, then the cooking time about two thirds to three quarters of the original time. Pan Size: Try to use a pan that has half the volume of the one called for in the original recipe.

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This For That: A Guide to Cooking And Baking Substitutions by eReplacementParts #Infographic #Cooking_Substitutions

Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Grilling - Best Cheat Sheet This Year!

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Beef cheat sheet.

use a potato peeler to get a thin slice of onion from 40 Simple Life Hacks

What to Look For When Buying Vegetables! #MyVeganJournal #vegan #vegetarian #recipe #veggie #recipes

Smoothie Recipes For Everything infographic

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Vegetable Cooking Times for Healthy Eating-Great info for beginners to advanced chefs! #cooking #vegetables via No excuses for cooking veggies!

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Pairing wine and food infographic by Leibman's Houston

Things You Don't Know About Beer

Meal Planning - use ingredients that come in portions larger than for 1 recipe (like cilantro and buttermilk) for a variety of recipes! See weekly sheet for organizing it.

Printable kitchen cheat sheets from @shrinkingkitchn ! #cooking

Buy a cheap clock, hot glue fabric rosettes around it... Don't love the flowers, but it's a great tip to use whatever one likes!

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