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Pinned as: By virtue of his warm, flamboyant stage manner, longevity, constant touring, and appearances in the mass media, Tito Puente is probably the most beloved symbol of Latin jazz. But more than that, Puente managed to keep his music remarkably fresh over the decades; as a timbales virtuoso, he combined mastery over every rhythmic nuance with old-fashioned showmanship -- watching his eyes bug out when taking a dynamic solo was one of the great treats for Latin jazz fans.

Sangue latino - Ney Matogrosso - YouTube

Carlos Santana - Moon flower (Flor de luna)

ROBERTO CARLOS As Curvas da Estrada de Santos - YouTube

The Mavericks : All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down.

Cajun Song : "L'anse aux pailles"

Buckwheat Zydeco - Buck's Nouvelle Jole Blon

Check out two titans of Texas music: Roberto Pulido and Little Joe. This belongs in a dancehall, not in an auditorium, but the band is top-notch and their voices are great together.

Tulipa Ruiz (a voz versátil do Brasil) canta Dalva de Oliveira.

U2 - One - Anton Corbjin Version

Bebel Gilberto - Samba da Benção

MARINA ELALI, XOTE DAS MENINAS (musica de Zé Dantas e Luís Gonzaga).


Santana -- Smooth -- Live Video

Índios Legião Urbana acustico

Los Lobos~ La Bamba~ FULL HQ

Julio Iglesias " Hey"

Julio Iglesias - If you go away

"FRAGILE" Julio Iglesias featuring STING

Julio Iglesias - Hey

Sin Banderas, Entra en mi vida.

Los Lonely Boys: I Never Met a Woman. Words to this song are amazing, so is the music.

Uma música eterna

Carlos Santana-Europa