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Blessed Archbishop Oscar Romero of Salvador. Martyr.

"The Church Is All of You", Archbishop Oscar Romero

The Violence of Love by Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero (Martyr)

Archbishop Oscar Romero - martyr

Oscar Romero (1917 - 1980) Archibishop of San Salvador, El Salvador, assassinated in his church after speaking out against the government

Archbishop Oscar Romero

Quote Blessed Archbishop Oscar Romero

Father Óscar Romero of El Salvador, one of my greatest heroes.

From this day, all generations will call me blessed

Sts. Sergius and Bacchus (martyred ca. 303) are ancient Christian martyrs who were tortured to death in Syria because they refused to attend sacrifices in honor of Jupiter - recent attention to early Greek manuscripts has also revealed that they were openly gay men and that they were erastai, or lovers

Archbishop Oscar Romero (El Salvador)

homeless people need to see God's love through human hands...yours and mine.

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Holy Candles

One day Theresa of Avila saw a child who asked her, 'Who are you?' She responded , 'I am Theresa of Jesus. And who are you?' The Child lifted his arms to her & said, 'I am Jesus of Theresa!'

I am a Roman Catholic. Nonetheless, I believe no religion will save us. It is our faith and our attempt to live it will.

St.Catherine of Sienna - Doctor of the Church. She is always shown holding a book.

St. Brigid's day, 1st Feb.

“Aspire not to have more, but to be more.” Archbishop Oscar Romero, martyred March 24, 1980

Blessed Ignatius (Known locally as Nazju) Falzon (July 1, 1813 – July 1, 1865) was a Maltese cleric who was beatified in 2001.