IF I ever did get a tattoo, I would want something small, meaningful, and easy to cover if necessary (and on a body part that isn't going to stretch and get ucky as I get older). I love this as a way to represent each person in our family...

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small cross

Ok so I'm in love with this.. Different saying but having the water color in the background is amazing!!!!

Teen Birthday Ideas: Give Temporary Tattoos as Gifts. (Temporary Tattoo Black Believe & Birds by Hail the Nails @ Etsy.) Tasteful Tiny Tattoos.


#bird #tattoo I always liked the idea of getting a tiny bird tattooed behind my ear, to represent inspiration.

beautiful and creative Birds Tattoo

Meaningful tattoo

bird tattoo

birds tattoo

I would go this tattoo really small on the back of my neck by my hair and then put my last name going along side the wing or body

Beautiful tattoo

Bird Tattoo

"Behaving as the wind behaves"


wrist, birds

love this tattoo!


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