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  • Marla Johnson

    "The common term of black panther can refer to either a leopard or a jaguar that has a blackish coat due to melanism. Melanism is due to a recessive gene mutation. The typical markings of the skin are still there, they are simply hidden by the surplus of the black pigment melanin." What a beautiful creature!

  • Larry Lines

    The most beautiful animal I've ever seen. It is a cross between a black panther and a leopard, therefore, a panthard.

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Ms. Roxy

Lilly, the brave pit bull who saved her owner from an oncoming train by putting herself in harms way. Pit Bulls are not an aggressive breed, they, like any breed of dog, respond to how they are treated. Please donate if you can.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!


the face of a hero... not a killer!

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High paw.

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Look at that face!

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