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    • LeAna D'Aquila

      Jennifer Lawrence on the Hunger Games debate. Naturally skinny, big-boned, curvy, healthy looking... a woman is beautiful for who she is on the inside, what is inside her heart, how she treats others. You go girl. Point out societal flaws!

    • Ami Comer

      Jennifer Lawrence on the Hunger Games debate. Can anyone say girl crush??

    • Molly Gunson

      "This is hilarious. First people say how so may actresses in Hollywood look anorexic, and now they are criticising me for looking normal" Jennifer Lawrence. Oh J. Law. You are far above average in looks!

    • Marion 1164

      #Jennifer #Lawrence #JLaw

    • Evie Troost

      Jennifer Lawrence, you go girl! She is beautiful! I think she is a wonderful role model for kids!

    • Soul Flow Creations

      Jennifer Lawrence on body image. Go girl! She's beautiful!

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