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the one i love will build a fort with me and enjoy lounging around in it with me. if not, he is not for me.

Stunning Urban Photographs

Erik Trent is a talented self-taught photographer and creative director based out of Dallas, who loves to design, explore & travel. “I spend most of my free time traveling and immersing myself …

Mia (embracing her inner college student with the elbow patches, her hair before she decided to just cut it all off for convenience's sake.)

sha; tie a messy bun, rock it, and go outside. eat your french fries and dip them in ice creams. laugh so hard until your cheeks hurt. sleep late. watch the sun rise and set. bake a cake. cut your hair. make new friends. do whatever, go have fun.

9 Slightly Crazy Things That Might Make You Wildly Productive