learn from this

I should remind myself of this more often.

I'm letting go.....

No such thing as luck.

I ♥ you embroidery pattern inspiration

Hope...don't let go

Sometimes you have to let things go

tree bird illustration. This still keeps calling to me as a tattoo.

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I Can't Adult Today // 18th birthday present to represent how I'm not ready to be an adult

Lol cute

life is priceless

SEALOE - Inhale Exhale

In life, it's not where you go - it's who you travel with.

cute tatoo idea... I would probably put the kids names in it or something different but I like it much better than the plain infinity sign

You are still full of life; even if you feel you have been broken open and pored and carelessly stitched stitched stitched stitched back together. There is plenty of life left between the seams, even the ones that run all the way through you.

Ways to love