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2012 11 November




Flowers and graves

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November Sketch For You to Try… from i{heart}2stamp by Jen

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Keep a 5 Year Journal - Progress to Date and Prompts for November - Scrapbooking ideas & free tutorials at Get It Scrapped

Remembering Carolynfrom Remembering Carolyn

November 6, 1997 – Whitney Warhol Gala

Bessette Kennedy

Carolyn Bessette

Whitney Warhol

Warhol Gala

1997 Whitney

6 1997

Jaw Dropped

Style Cbk

Remembering Cbk

November 6, 1997 – Whitney Warhol Gala

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11 November

Maisons Houses Casa

Blok 11 - November 2012 SYKIT

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transportation crafts for toddlers | ... , November 08, 2012 REMEMBERED AS: preschool , transportation theme

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2012 2012

Movie Scary

The movie about the end of the world. A story that frigthed us all at the time and this movie sure as hell didn't help. But i can asure you that was one of the best i've watched that year. John Cuzack making us glued to the freaking screen untill the very end. Amazing!

Fashion Gone Roguefrom Fashion Gone Rogue

Anna Selezneva Rocks Biker Style for Vogue Paris November 2012 by Lachlan Bailey

Route Anna

La Route

Paris Route

Rock Photoshoot

Paris November

Paris 2012

Paris Géraldine

Paris Anna

Lachlan Bailey

Vogue Paris November 2012: Sur La Route, Featuring Anna Selezvena Shot by Lachlan Bailey, biker chic

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List of things to do in November, so your December will be relaxed and you can actually focus on and enjoy the Advent/Christmas season!

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Viva la Verve November 2012 Week 4 Card Sketch {11/23/12} Designed by Teresa Kline #vervestamps #vivalaverve

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November Photo A Day Challenge: Find the list here #FMSphotoaday | fat mum slim

Love is... Comics by Kim Casalifrom Love is... Comics by Kim Casali

love is… winning her heart

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love is.. winning her heart kim casali 2012-11-01

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Proyecto 366 de la abuela 2012

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Mojeh November

A Pointe To Remember | Alexina Graham | Sy Delorme #photography | Mojeh Magazine 11 November/December 2012

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Richard Ramsey (American) It’s Over...I love this painting....

Napoli Italy

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Western Italy

my favorite place in the world... Naples, Italy

York Midtown

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Sculpture Robert

Sculpture 1970

Love Sculpture Nyc

The famous LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, situated on the corner of 6th Avenue and 55th Street in Manhattan

Lavender Blogspot

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Lavender Merry

Lilac & Lavender: Free vintage Christmas clip art

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Draw Doodle and Decorate: 11/01/2012 - 12/01/2012......actually probably could not do this...but would love to try.....

Berlin Les

Post War Berlin

Berlin Germany Wwii

Germany Austria

Germany North

Germany July

Berlin Sous

1945 1950 Berlin

Wwii 1945

vintage everyday: Color Photographs of Berlin in Summer of 1945, after Bombing in World War II

Vrolik Amsterdam

Museum Amsterdam

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Vrolik Collection

Collection Presented

The collection of animal skeletons and skulls of the original Vrolik collection, presented as a long chain or stairway from least perfect to most perfect. Father and son Vrolik did not believe in the possibility of evolution. All animals were created in their view according to a greater plan. The big animal skeleton top-left: the lion of king Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, king of Holland between 1806 and 1810.