Just don't forget the rings. =)

I want a photo like this on the beach.

Beach wedding

5 Fun Wedding Photos

Great way to show off your rings and your love :)

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Light up the beach!

Too cute!

Love this idea

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

Super cute boudoir wedding photo shoot for the hubby to open on the wedding day.



This is perfect for Brandy's theme on her invites!

This is so beautiful!!! It's my favorite colors (love that blue) and as a florist it is extremely interesting and I think would be fun to make!

Prior to the wedding, you gather a strong wooden wine box, a bottle of wine and two glasses. Then, also before the ceremony, you both sit down separately and write love notes to each other, explaining your feelings on the eve of your wedding day. Each letter then gets sealed in its own envelope. You do not read your beau’s letter. Then, at some point during the ceremony, your officiant explains the process, and the two of you seal the box by taking turns hammering in one nail at a time un...

love this pic for an engagement

cute photo idea

Save The Date Wedding Sign Beach Wedding Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses Mr Mrs