monoprinting and painting and pastels

MaryMaking - monoprint with Sharpie and pastel.

Speed Up Your Art Process with Monoprinting - Cloth Paper Scissors Today - Blogs - Cloth Paper Scissors

Monoprinting with Watercolour

monoprints with a qtip and tempera paint on foil

packing tape sculpture article

easy monoprint

I really wanna learn how to paint like this, with the color first and building up to the details. I always do lineart first and then color @_@

show's you how to print

"Frida III"~Flower Face Print by Vicki Rawlins.

smART Class: city skyline prints elementary art lesson project monoprint drawing

Linoleum printing - photo of student used as a base. Photos were transformed to 3 toned image and prints made through multi step of carving and utilizing layers

Scratch-Foam, cutting the foam into shapes. Use a pencil to draw the outline of the fish directly on the foam. After cutting it out I pressed lines onto the fish to add the detail that you see in the picture. I rolled printing ink with a rubber brayer directly onto the surface of the fish.

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Oil Pastel Printing-select an image from the newspaper. Fill the back of the paper (thick) with oil pastels. Tape the picture to drawing paper. With a ballpoint pen, draw along the contour lines of absolutely everything. In my class we discuss shading, value, and shapes of shadows. Our attempt is to trace and shade every possible detail.

How to Use Chalk Pastels to Add Color to a Drawing

A lesson in: Contour Drawing PDF

Lots of printing, print-making ideas

Oil Pastel Print-Images were copied from books and cray-pas or oil pastels were applied (thick) to the back of the image. With a ballpoint pen, students focus on contour line, detail, value changes, and shading.

black crayon and chalk.