monoprinting and painting and pastels

Monoprinting with Watercolor and Leaves, big fun!

Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists - mono prints using the leftover ends from the laminator.

Monoprints: for Dot Day, or for radial design. Could this work using a foam picnic plate???

Collagraph Printing and How to use it in the classroom: The Collagraph Lesson will integrate science with art, focusing on how animals and insects use camouflage (the Collagraph print) to survive in their environment. Students will create a texture or pattern of an imaginary animal or insect skin using the Collagraph print.

'Drypoint and Mono Print' is a course by Devon Guild member Lynn Bailey from Double Elephant Print Workshop

Monoprints | TeachKidsArt- Q tips....why have i never thought of this??? Much better than fingers or brush ends a bit of a duhh! moment

Printing with Gelli Arts®: Gelli™ Printing with Styrofoam Plates One of the advantages of using styrofoam plates is that aside from being easy to cut, you can inscribe marks into it that will show in your print.

teach kids the fine art of printmaking with simple styrofoam prints

These 25 Van Gogh Inspired Art Projects for Kids will introduce your children to a master artist and inspire their imaginations. Have fun!

by Marybeth Farrell Rothman/ (Encaustic with photograph) - I LOVE this

2 tblsp tempera paint, 2 tblsp dish spoon, 1/2 cup water. Mix together in a bowl. Blow bubbles in bowl with a straw. Lay paper on bubbles to make a print!

Curious about printmaking? This easy tutorial will show you how to monoprint, a printmaking technique that produces a single image. You'll use tools you most likely already have at home!

Art is Basic-- Art Teacher Blog: Collograph Prints: 2nd Grade

Who is Andy Warhol and what is Pop Art? You’ll want to begin by showing your children Andy’s playful flowers. spring is just around the corner, so I decided to use Andy Warhol’s vibrant flower lithographs as inspiration for my project.

Jane Davies - Monoprint Collage Online class - It is a six week class in which we'll explore the possibilities of the GelliArts gel plate, and build images using print and collage. We'll cover basic gel plate techniques and then move quickly to projects that develop visual content using monoprint, collage, drawing, and painting in a fluid no-boundaries process.

A hot glue print by Terri Stegmiller. There are many techniques that are introduced in primary school Art classes and forgotten by high school. Hot glue prints are one such thing. Although hot glue can be a clunky and unforgiving medium, it can be a quick way to introduce printed linear elements to a painting.

Gelli Plate | Carla Sonheim

Have I told you how much I love my gelli arts plate? I especially love finger painting on my gelli plate, because I am naturally messy. I also especially love my new *supersize* gelli plate. -- The Kathryn Wheel: Gelli printing, journal classes and a bit of this and that.

Monoprinting - paint, print, add detail to the print.

Leaf prints on watercolor...gorgeous technique