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EHS Varsity Cheer Seniors 2012

Totally doing this for my future daughters sweet 16 (..because of course she will be a cheerleader)

this would look awesome but my daughters name will not be Laura it will be Emma so on the wall it will say Emma in stead

Cheyenne's Cheer JV Cheer box last yr. heeeey it's got my name and graduating year!! It's perfecto!

Cheerleading runs in my blood. Its not something I have to think about or make a choice about. I just do it♥

• Strength • So I just got home from cheer camp and the girl I was basing with said I was a natural base and it was my first time and I love cheerleading

i felt like giving up last practice, but i will remember all of the little girls in the gym. For Gymnasts too!

That was me when we were first stunting and my flyer when she cradled he flew back and I guess elbowed me in the leg but coach was more concerned about my chest cause that's where I caught her but I was fine except for the rest of the week I was limping FYI I'm backspot but I still did the stunt over and over with my group true story

My old bases were the best.. my back spot all ways had my back.. even if I feel on her head a million and one time.. love you dani❤❤❤

I love this quote! They have this quote at Hendricks in the 488 shop

His would be great for team photo first grade