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  • Ilonka Markram

    Fire Rainbow Clouds

  • Humming

    ˚Fire rainbow - A halo caused by the refraction of light through ice crystals in cirrus clouds

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Fire rainbow - a halo caused by the refraction of light through ice crystals in cirrus clouds...

The Ice Crystal Rainbow (iridescent cloud) (-; Source:

cirro-cumulo stratus clouds | ... by the refraction of light through ice crystals in cirrus clouds

Circumhorizontal arc over Ravenna, Michigan, 5/13/08

“Anytime I see a rainbow, what comes into my mind is how skillful and talented someone was to create an ark that didn't leak through a prolong period of flood. We must work our talents out and work them out skillfully and then our rainbow of excellence will show.” ~Israelmore Ayivor

Somewhere over the rainbow. As described elsewhere for Wizard Of Oz Programming and also Colour Programming to form groups of alters with certain roles. It links in with the Tree Of Life which is often placed inside the alters system and internal world.

  • Maya Eiland

    Another clouds of rainbow!

  • Kim Thigpen ~ Real Provision

    What?? That sounds complicated. Our parents were acting out that movie when they were young. I'm not so crazy about it as an adult. I suppose they used the peacock, too? I never got into poppies, but I see that wasn't such a good influence. This is beautiful.

Respect your family, your friends, your teachers, your students, your enemies, but most of all, yourself. The first few i mentioned were all people you love, then it became the people you might not, it shouldn't be so hard to love yourself, you're the one who's going to have to live with yourself the rest of your life. So start now, do something for yourself. Enjoy life! by Asmodel

Skypunch Cloud -- This is a rare meteorological phenomenon called a skypunch. Sometimes when people see these, they think it's the end of the world. Ice crystals form above the high-altitude cirro-cumulo-stratus clouds, then fall downward, punching a hole in the cloud cover.

A sun dog - an atmosphere phenomenom caused by refraction of sunlight through ice crystals in the atmosphere. From the NOAA Photo Library. #NaturePhotography

  • Anna

    I saw one for the first time on Monday! Very cool!!! A beautiful sight after our snow storm!!

  • Lynn Murphy

    This is a sun pillar. Spectacular to see. Sun dogs are like little bright lights--a lot of them like rainbows--on the sides of the sun.

  • Sean Lauren

    Hi, I like this photography. Feel free to put in on a website called You Pic "" even more photographers could appreciate it. Thanks!