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  • Melissa Loyd

    I had this phone growing up. I thought it was so cool at the time!

  • Heather Cross-Young

    80s! I had this phone growing up

  • Jenny Nash

    anyone else remember this? You could turn it on silent a d wait for it to light up so mom and dad didn't know u were on the phone...if you had ur own line...I had this phone!

  • Jenni

    Mine wasn't neon, but man did it ever light up the night when I was surreptitiously talking to the boy on the phone, long after my mother thought I went to bed. Oh, two-line households were awesome.

  • Kendree Bitter

    Childhood Memories of begging for this phone :)

  • Amber Galvin

    My favorite phone as a 90s kid.

  • Amanda Terry-Schnakenberg

    OMGosh...Now this is "old school" as Emma would tell me! I Loved my light up, see thru phone! <3

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Phone booth. A place to sit, a door to close, and usually an intact phone book, as well!

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In the late 80's, every girl had to have one of these phones.

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