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    10 Ways to Stop Yelling *Breathe *Mean Business Without Being Mean *Help Your Child Explain Feelings *Have Clear Rules & Follow Through *Good Eating & Sleeping Habits *We're Not Perfect *Give Praise for Okay Behavior *A Strong Bond Makes Discipline Easier *Put Yourself in Their Shoes

    Quirky Discipline Rules That Work. I LOVE the 8pm Rule, the boredom rule, the money rule, the whining rule ... you get the idea :)

    PRINTED 2015 Kitchen skills by age - awesome chart!

    No more yelling! Here are 10 ways to stay calm while still making your point and setting necessary boundaries when your child misbehaves.

    10 Ways to Stop Yelling. When your child is driving you crazy it can feel as if he's always misbehaving. Instead of losing your cool, check out 10 ways to stay calm while still making your point and setting necessary boundaries.

    10 ways to "mean business" without yelling. These are really wonderful and helps you understand how to speak in their language of what they can understand without saying No no no all the time and without raising your voice.

    Teenage is a turbulent time and if you understand this and prepare to be patient and discreet, your job is half done. The following are a few ways which can help you in dealing with teenagers attitude problems.

    How to Stop Yelling At Your Kids – One Simple Tip | It's no secret that I yell at my kids.  It's how I was raised and it's a behavior that I'm working very hard on changing. Since I took the challenge to sto

    Pinterest is 3rd most popular social media network after Facebook and Twitter and mostly telling, now refers more traffic than Bing and Yahoo. Here are 10 ways to add some rocket fuel to your Pinterest profile