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Day In The Sun™ Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector

♥•✿•♥•✿ڿڰۣ•♥•✿•♥ Wedgwood® Barbie ♥•✿•♥•✿ڿڰۣ•♥•✿•♥

Queen of Hearts Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector Silver Label® Designed by: Sharon Zuckerman Release Date: 7/1/2007 Product Code: L5850

Rose Barbie Doll- Beautiful hair and dress!

Maybe it's because I wanted to be a fashion designer as a youth, but a lot of my favorite collectible Barbie dolls were special ones designed by top fashion houses, like this Givenchy Barbie® Doll, which retailed for $79.95. This one takes the concept of "the little black dress" and makes it an elegant, simple, and sophisticated number I wish I had the occasion to try. But I do hope that's faux fur, Barbie!

2001 Fire and Ice™ Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector, Release Date: 11/1/2001 Product Code: 53863, $39,98 Orginal Price

I hate to say it, but this washed-out picture of Water Lily™ Barbie® really doesn't do her justice. Inspired by Monet's "water lilies" painting, if you couldn't tell. I'm not normally a big fan of extra-feminine things like pink and/or flowers, but it works so well with the aqua and green! She retailed for $79 back in 1997, as part of the Artist Series.

Winter Concert™ Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector

~ The Artist Barbie® ~ is quite the artistic vision herself. From the black beret perched atop honey blond hair to the chic black and white striped top, straight black skirt, fishnet stockings, and fire engine red accessories.

All That Glitters Barbie. Collectors Edition. Release date: 5/1/2002. PC55426.

Walking Suit Barbie from the BFMC designed by Robert Best: So glad to see the BFMC collection getting back to the classic styles! Glad I snagged this one right away cause she sold out fast!