Beautiful birdhouse display. ~ Welcome feathered friends throughout the winter with a feast of fruity branches and seed heads, including rosehips, red and blue viburnum, golden millet, coneflower, canary grass, broomcorn, and cattail. Top the display with a small tree-form holly, a weather-worthy birdhouse, and a dish of black sunflowers seeds.

winter window box....just add lights and there beautiful night too.

Urns with large Christmas ornaments

Outdoor Planters for Fall/Winter

Christmas urns

Beautiful holiday display!

Fall Planter

Outdoor Christmas Decor

outdoor christmas decorating ideas

Winter planters

Find the plants at Home Depot, place in better pots and viola! Centerpieces.

Great planter

Gorgeous Christmas display using Gerson battery operated lighted willow branches available from Amazon

What a beautiful arrangement for Christmas.

Holiday Birdbath Display A birdbath supplies a perfect and unique spot for a bit of seasonal merriment. Tuck evergreen boughs under and around a shiny ball and spray-paint pinecones to match. For the final flourish, secure matching berry sprigs and a premade bow with wire to the evergreens

Wintry Wheelbarrow

winter urns

Seasonal Window Box Greenery Winter is a great time to explore all the color that evergreens have to offer. This window box displays at least six different varieties accented with pinecones and multicolor foliage. Add a seasonal accent to the bright red container with bits of evergreen tucked under birch logs along the edge.