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  • Wilma Roberts

    Purple Staircase and Black Cats. Photography.

  • Kristen Cushman

    I never understood why black cats got such a bad rep - my black kitty, Jack, is the best cat everrr <3

  • Woodrow Nikolaus

    black cats :) Beautiful black cats. #cute cats #Baby Cats|

  • Marina Angelova

    afternoon in porto urban photography

  • Vamp Ire

    <3 #cats #stairs #kittens #blackcats #black_violet_pink #colour #tinted #art #photography via: ' ¨˚Miss My ∮oul is as black as the ☠'

  • Chloe Nicole

    .black cats. black kittens.

  • Varïsh Firefly

    black and white, black cat, black cats, cats, kittens

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......Last thing Kitteh claims he remembers was saying yes to grated cheese at Olive Garden...

"I'm not much of a cook. My favorite thing to make from scratch is a purr." --Anonymous

Gorgeous little bit of fluff. Black kitten.  Sorcerer by Stephie Kaczala :) by Janny Dangerous.

This is a beautiful black cat. It is nice to see people putting up pictures of black cats today. Thank you from The Incensewoman Happy Black Cat Tuesday to all.

Mousenose female- Apprentice: Fernpaw- Parents: Spark and Lily (kittypets)- Mate: Lowsun- Kits: Shadowheart •Lindissimo•

Hi, I'm Moonwatcher. I'm a tom with jet black with almost white eyes. I was kicked out of Waterclan because I slapped Riverpelt with a fish... Yes, I'm kidding. I was really kicked out because my clanmates believed that I killed a Airclan cat but I did not. I have no mates or kits. As you can tell, I'm a funny type of cat.

*☆✞Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right. Proverbs 20:11✞*☆

"Cats like doors left open, in case they change their minds." --Rosemary Nisbet

black cat - in celtic mythology some believe that there is a witch known as "Cat Sìth" who can take on the form of a black cat nine times...

I'm not overly find of cats, but growing up I had a black cat named Whiskers. I got her at the age of 4 and she died when I was 21. She got sick suddenly but held on until I could get home from college and say goodbye. I missed her a lot in the beginning and think of her every time I see a black cat. I ♥ you Whiskers!