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Hoya pubicalyx wax flower - originally from the Philippines at the turn of the century! Delicate little flower and is being developed into many hybrids, mostly in the pink family.

Hoya multi bloom. I love these for indoor plants in good southern exposure. Mine will probably take over my house at some point.

Lobster claw Heliconia... only nature can do that! by jungle mama, via Flickr

~~Fuzzy pink Gesneriad has outrageous spotted throat by jungle mama~~

Medinilla magnifica... an elegant flower by jungle mama

Little pink kalanchoe flowers - by Raspberrytart [Flickr]

~~Whimsical, mobile-like red and pink Begonia! by jungle mama~~

~~Sky Vine turns to sun after early morning rainby jungle mama~~

Mom, these were the flowers that I couldn't remember the name of. I love these, they smell so good.

Plumeria - love these dark pink ones. But they don't bloom as much as the other varieties which is why I've given up on this color.