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SO CUTE. I want one! :) here to find out more

I'm havin' a bit of trouble standin' straight. I think my ears make me lopsided. :). Pretty puppy.

That's how my birthday is going to be! I'll be partying with myself! ...but I can't forget the b-day hat! :)

Oh my dear goodness gracious! So cute!

I found another cat outside my house! it's a boy & it's black & white!☺ I'm probably gonna name it moo☺

Bodie got a borgi for Christmas and it is the cutest, sweetest thing.. .so in love with little Ringo!

I've lived with four Corgis over the last 15 years or so. They are quite the characters!

"I was sleeping with my tongue out, you woke me up!" says this Corgi

I like holding hands and long walks on the beach - Imgur

The tail! Gourgeous corgi tails...can't understand why they should be hacked off, that's what makes them look like foxes so much.

donut corgi - hahahaha no way would Bogart sit still, that thing would have been eaten!

Counting Corgis - check more here: