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    Rare baby jaguars in Germany with dad

    Leopard cub (black panther) playing with mommy's tail - Pixdaus

    White Buffalo, American Indians predicted white Buffalo one was born in Wisc. named Miracle.

    Gallery Black and white animals: A panda approaches her four week-old cub

    Twinkie, an albino reticulated python, heralded as the world's largest snake (she's got nothing on Titanboa). The Reptile Zoo.

    bears bears bears bears

    A ferocious jaguar cub…Me: Soooooo cute Jaguars are one of my favorite big cats

    Blue Tiger, Snow white tiger, golden tiger, so cool

    Mommy lost all her cubs and started to deteriorate so they wrapped piggies up in print and now she treats them as her own... The power of love.

    Bear Cub No. 3

    Precious babies! Born to a white tiger at the zoo in Yalta, Ukraine.

    Amazing Black Jaguar | See More Pictures | #SeeMorePictures

    A rare black lion. My understanding is that almost all large cats have a recessive black, or melanistic, trait. That's why you have black panthers, which are usually melanistic leopards or sometimes melanistic tigers. It is also why there are black jaguars, as opposed to those with spotted coats. The melanistic trait in lions is simply more rare than in other types of large cats.

    a melanistic jaguar & her cub

    White lioness Azira stands next to her three white cubs that were born last week in a private zoo in Borysew, in central Poland, on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014

    An Arctic wolf. Dark side of the zoo - captive animals in black and white. Alex Teuscher photographs captive animals in black and white, producing dark, atmospheric portraits

    Cheetahs..."But MOM!"

    Black Panther

    Amazing click - Imgur

    White Lion

    Roar! ... the beautiful lion. media-cache-ec3.p...