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These breeds are recommended for those with cat allergies Bengal

10 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Bengal Bengal cats have uniquely fine pelts that require considerably less maintenance than other breeds. As a result, Bengals don't groom themselves as often or for as long, so their fur contains less allergen-rich saliva.

The Bengal/Savannah Cat is a Hybrid Formed by Crossing a Domestic Feline an Asian Leopard Cat.

Bengal Kitten

Bengal offering Top Quality Kittens with the Highest Level of Socialization, Stunning Beauty, Type and Coloration.

bengal kittens

A summary of the history and characteristics of the Bengal cat.

now I want to do this to our cat LOL

Funny pictures about Whiskers. Oh, and cool pics about Whiskers. Also, Whiskers photos.

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oh Look at the babies!!

A still nameless young ocelot stands beside his mother Estancia at their enclosure of the Hellabrunn zoo in Munich, southern Germany. The baby ocelot was 80 days old at the time.

A baby hippo was swept away by a tsunami and rescued by a wild life reservation. A 130 year old tortoise immediately befriended him.

A Hippo and a Tortoise together! This baby hippo got swept away by a tsunami and a 130 year old tortoise became his new best friend.Awe, that is so sweet.

Wow he looks do innocent even when he's caught red handed with a mouse in his paws

a baby ocelot playing with a little mouse :) Singleton can have the mouse. I want the ocelot!