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    IW SGC Cullykhan Licence to Kill --- 2014 International Best Cat

    IW SGCA Radiance Rollin in the Deep --- 2014 International Best Alter

    IW SGCA Chemicoons Firelight of Concordance. TICA's 2013-2014 2nd best international alter & best international longhair alter of the year.

    IW Dymond in the Rough -- a formerly feral kitten is 4th Best International HHP Kitten

    Tropikoons Hot Fudge of Kiyaras---Best International Kitten/Best Maine Coon Kitten 2013/14

    LA SGM GET THE SCOOP OF CAREYCATS (AKA PR CROSHKA COOPER OF CAREYCATS) - 2002 Southeast 6th Best Household Pet Adult / 2004 Int'l 13th Best Household Pet Adult & Southeast 2nd Best Household Pet Adult / 2005 Int'l 12th Best Household Pet Adult & Southeast 4th Best Household Pet Adult / 2012 Southeast 16th Best Household Pet Adult

    SGC Mittelmeijer Roskoshniy Kot Mur ---brown tabby Siberian --- International Best Cat 2013

    2013 Best of Breed Siamese Kitten and Cat and International Winner IW SGC Flutterby Fortunate Son

    2013 Best Bombay Alter - The Cats Love Charlotte

    Best Scottish Fold Kitten 2011---IW Iceberg Sladkiyson of Rumfoldru

    Best Singapura Kitten --- Chamourais Hayate

    IW SGM DOWNTOWN DANIEL BROWN International 16th Best Household Pet

    Pajocoons Theobromine of Chemicoons --- International Best Maine Coon, Best Allbreed Cat USA

    IW SGC Tenderclaws Martin of Kingsransom ..... Cornish Rex

    LA SGM TORRID AFFAIR OF TORTIESRUS --- 2012 International Second Best Household Pet ---Torrie has many wins as both kitten and adult.

    Randazzleme Promise Me This --- #Sphynx ----TICA's Best Kitten 2013

    Chemicoons Theobromine and his son Chemicoons Firelight of Concordance --- both international winning #Maine Coons

    LA SGC Chemicoons Firefox 10th Best International Cat 2010-2011, 17th Best International Kitten 2009-2010

    --Vickie Fisher--President of TICA--and a #Maine Coon---LA SGC LAPD Shooter

    IW SGC Whozz Buster Brown of A'tien ---10th Best Cat, Best South Central Cat 2011-2012

    IW RW SGC ForestKatz McAllen ----- 3rd Best International Kitten and Best Norwegian Forest 2008-2009

    Whozz Sneak Peek of A'tien ---Supreme Grand at 8 months (photo by Larry Johnson)

    IW SGC MinusDeTails Gucci, Outstanding Dam and a winning Cymric

    IW Furrari---red classic tabby HHP

    IW SGC Abyfelis Ermes --- Abysinnian from France --- TICA's Best Cat in 2011