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Vanir Harry Potter--one of TICA's top #Norwegian Forest cats

2012 Best Norwegian Forest Cat Alter ... IW SGCA Vanir Harry Potter

norwegian forest cats

IW RW SGC ForestKatz McAllen ----- 3rd Best International Kitten and Best Norwegian Forest 2008-2009

Kiyaras Hancock--Second Best Cat and Best Maine Coon in TICA--2011-2012

RW SGCA Godz Gideon of Smoothies--Gator is TICA's top #Sphynx Alter

IW SGC Abyfelis Ermes --- Abysinnian from France --- TICA's Best Cat in 2011


LA SGC Quintessa Bedmole---one of TICA's top winners

LAPD Shifu--TICA's top Maine Coon 2010-2011

--Vickie Fisher--President of TICA--and a #Maine Coon---LA SGC LAPD Shooter

SGC Skeenville Bruce Springskeen--- Best #Sphynx Kitten and Cat in TICA, Bruce is on both International Kitten and International Cat lists for 2011--2012

IW SGC Kiyaras Hancock---Best #Maine Coon

Black Cat Auditions In Hollywood. Date taken: 1961. Photographer: Ralph Crane

Poe liked the kitties, along with many notable authors: http://icanhascheezburger.com/2011/12/21/funny-pictures-writers-and-cats/

IW SGC MTNest Prince William-----TICA's Best International Kitten 2011---- One of TICA's top Maine Coons

Abstract Flamingo

Hi, little monkey!

All together now....awwwwww!