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    "Rain or shine This book is mine." Image copyright 1911.

    There are so many times in my life when I would not have survived without reading. Sometimes for whole days...

    Read all the pages. Of all the books. ;)

    I'm not against Kindles at all, but I suspect I'll always prefer paper books. Holding them, flipping the pages, smelling them, feeling the paper, everything.

    1:40 - Boyfriend asks me, I thought you were going to bed. Scrolling through Pinterest quotes and I accidentally click on this one. God answered the question - I read past my bedtime.

    What I say when people tell me they wish they had time to read like I do. I have time to read because I don't watch much TV.

    Oh thank goodness it's not just me! Mjc There's nothing like reading a book for the first time.

    Well, my mom and dad succeeded at this. Now I just need to meet the right guy ...