jill ricci mixed media

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Mixed Media

tightly rolled-up magazine pages glued onto canvas = very cool image pattern making

Corrugated cardboard decoupaged images

Truly Fantastic and AMAZING transformation using cut out magazine pictures to use as collage pieces. Need to watch this over and over. :-)


Moroccan designed mixed media art piece - So cool!

Portrait made of junk mail from Upcyclist: a website that features eco-friendly designs

I was thinking of something like this, but with Marumiyan's head and having all the things that inspire his work coming out of his head

Jill Ricci

mixed media

Supplies Needed: - Scrapbook paper - Tape - Ribbon Find a stencil of your favorite animal online and print it out. Trace the shape onto a variety of scrapbook paper. Cut out. Attach the animal to colorful ribbon using hot glue.

Unique Collage Backgrounds - From Old Magazines and Metal Polish

Conciousness Canvas Art

Okola - Kurt Schwitters, 1926

Silhouette cut out over music sheet or possibly book page.

Hand illustrated art on glass windows created using sharpie pens

Mixed Media art

Matryoshka - coloriage