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Gary Hamel

"The single biggest reason companies fail is that they overinvest in what is, as opposed to what might be."

Sarah Bowater: EVER Manifesto - free online magazine that are creating sustainable solutions to protect the planet for future generations. The imagery is really beautiful and inspiring and is making people more aware about the changes occuring in fashion. Unfortunately, not being a 'mainstream' magazine many people have yet to hear about it, meaning it is still not reaching enough people for it to make changes.

from MNN - Mother Nature Network

16 famous animal conservationists

Jacques Cousteau, an explorer, inventor, filmmaker and conservationist, he battled against commercial whaling and inspired others to care for the ocean.

Barbara Marx Hubbard has a vision of humans evolving into spiritually aware conscious creators and has dedicated her life to the upliftment of the human spirit.

Dianna Cohen is the co-founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a group that addresses the pervasive problem of plastic pollution. She was inspired to co-found the group by her work as an artist -- because her chosen material is the ubiquitous plastic bag. With the Plastic Pollution Coalition, she helps to raise awareness of ocean waste -- the majority of which is nondegradable plastic -- and everyday strategies to cut down the amount of plastic we use and throw away.