Time to start planning for Christmas at Walt Disney World!

Mr Golden Sun!!

Galvanized Christmas Buckets by Finding Home Farms

A favorite thing for me, relive memories...

This is really the only thing I like about winter. Pretty, white coverd streets and xmas lights. New York

Yep, still makes my heart skip a beat when my man smiles at me!! And when those grandson's smile it makes my heart melt <3

this one court in my neighbor hood is like having a contest to see who can put up the most lights lol

Deep conversations with your best friend. just-littlethings//tumblr #125

Rockefeller Christmas Tree (and everything else that has the magic of Christmas in NYC ♥ )

My favorite!

10 Photos of Winter Landscapes ~ 10. A Light in the Darkness. Beautiful Christmas Tree on a Snowy Evening / Winter Landscapes. 9. Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany 8. A winter view on the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia 7. Beautiful winter 6. Cold winter in Sweden  5. Looks amazing on the Snow Train, Wernigerode, Germany 4. Flocons de Paris, France in winter 3. Night Lights of Telluride,…


Venice at Christmas time is truly magical. The misty grey weather makes Venice hauntingly beautiful and absolutely enchanting.

Just about every single day of my life this happens..especially when I'm with my family and I can be as dorky as I want ;)

Triple Time Stamping & Snow Swirled set- but what if I found a fabric with print and made a quilt!?!?

just little things

A Christmas Story.. "you'll shoot your eye out with that thing, kid!!"

the things i like are usually silly, so when somebody actually remembering them, i'd really appreciate it.

The inside of Grama Nell's Victorian "parlor" looked like it would fit in right in this house. It was a Miami hacienda style house on the outside! so cool!

just little things... A list of all the simple things we should appreciate in a blog