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  • Brianna Sitz

    bahahaha! uhhh ever since my fourth grade this has been one of my ultimate pet peeves!

  • Evelyn Ball

    Yes, there are blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberriesā€”but, there is no such thing as a library.

  • Kyla Maureen


  • Annie Hall

    One of my BIGGEST pet peeves! I correct people every stinking time!

  • Judy Cornett

    Add this to the list of annoying things that people say.

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This guy gets me. There's a a point in time when you reach a certain age when you just feel like not having plans sounds 100 times better than going out. For me this feeling hit at age 18. And I have no shame in it.

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The solution to a bad hair day is to wear a low cut blouse.

That's it? Three likes and one comment? That shit was brilliant, people. BRILLIANT.

I'm 'it's 8:30 and you wanna start a movie this late?' years old! When did I become this person? LOL

I must annoy people with my real life and Facebook love for my husband and my care level is none :)

No One Would Ever Commit Crimes (If Spider Man's super power was shooting spiders out of his hands.)

I can't tell you the number of times I've fantasized about running my cart into the heels of the stupid people that block the aisles at the grocery store.

This applies to cars that ride my bumper too! I'm already going over the speed limit, you aren't making me go any faster!

Glad I remembered! But seriously just about to go on a run when I saw this...

Saying just kidding is a way to tell the truth without getting punched in the face.