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  • Kathryn Preisendorf

    First trimester food nausea & avoidance Being pregnant is tough - or so I hear. You're tasked with creating a child, with actually building an entire human being bit by bit from scratch. You have to carry that child, even as it grows to seven, eight, or even nine pounds or more inside your body. And all the while, your body seems to be rebelling against "what is best." You want to eat the best food and get the right exercise and do all the right things, but what happens when your body fights you? What are you supposed to do when all you can stomach are mac and cheese and tortilla chips? For the first section, I try to help a woman in her first trimester with these issues. Next, I discuss the question of retinol overload from dietary liver, along with whether or not we need to worry about nutrient density in other organs, too. And finally, I give my take on a recent NY Times piece on barefoot running that seemed to call its usefulness and relevance into question. Let's go: Mark, I am in my first trimester and have read

  • Jessica Iacobucci

    Top 25 Pregnancy Blogs of 2013

  • Nancy LeFever

    8 Ways to Beat “Pregnancy Brain” During Your Pregnancy

  • Mark's Daily Apple

    Dear Mark: First Trimester Frustration, Liver Dosage, and NY Times Barefoot Piece

  • Beth Beall

    Mark's morning sickness smoothie: Toss in some frozen fruit, ice, some milk (if you do dairy), juice, or coconut milk, some protein powder, a few egg yolks, an ounce or two of nuts, and a handful or two of leafy greens. Read more:

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Pregnant after a loss. good blog. I don't think I will ever fully heal from any of my several losses. But, the miracle of my daughters lightens the pain immensely. To learn we were pregnant (finally!) was one thing, to KEEP the pregnancy was quite another. Only two miracles made it through, but they are a testament to strength, His everlasting knitted miracles, mercy, perseverance, faith & walking with the Lord, and unity.

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Pregnancy loss, miscarriage After the loss of my second child. I keep wondering ... Am I a mom? This time around, it's hit me harder.

Pregnancy after loss: "I want to be that naive old me. The me that didn't think twice about loss during first pregnancy. The me that didn't know anything about the 24 week viability mark, but rather focused on making it to the 12 week mark because that is when you are supposedly 'safe'. The me that was daydreaming about raising a little girl, and picking out outfits and shoes. The me that thought child birth would be the most painful experience I would ever endure."

Why my child?? I may not be the only person who has lost a child...but I am the only person who lost MY child.

Pregnancy & Infant Loss in America: By the Numbers

Pregnancy & Infant Loss in America [Gosh these figures are shocking - I wonder what the statistics are here in the UK! :( Mo]

Until we meet again my precious little one. YOU made me a mommy. Love you with all my heart and thank you for watching over your brothers.

Prayer for Pregnancy After Infertility/Loss (I'm not pregnant but wanted to remember this for when/if)

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