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Here, bunny bunny bunny. Here, bunny bunny bunny. Here, bunny bunny bunny.

Because I love bunnies.

This is the cutest bunny rabbit I've ever seen. I just want to squeeze it to death it's so cute!

consejito o bolita de amor!

This sweet bunny wishes you a Happy Easter! ( Sent to me March Happy Easter, Marguerite❤xoxo❤)

Calico Bunny

a calico bunny! SO CUTE! I had a calico bunny once. but it died because the pet store didn't know it had a liver problem.

love bun

This poor bunny has head tilt/torticolis. This can be cause by ear infections, even the horrible EC parasite. If you see a bunny looking like this, don't think its cute, get it vet treatment! Sometimes the head tilt can be permanent.

There may be cuter bunny photos out there but this started my appreciation for them Aww

When we first went to the pet store to look at bunnies, this is what Dexter was doing to the other rabbits!