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Bottle Hurricanes

Hurricane Lamps

Cut the bottom off of wine bottles to shield candles from the wind

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How to Cut a Wine Bottle Easily





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Wouldn't these be lovely hanging from tree branches (sturdy ones of course!) for an rustic outdoor wedding reception? Love this @{ Brandee } Gaar :-)

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Cut the bottoms off wine bottles to use for candle covers, keeps the wind from blowing them out when outside

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Wine bottles with the tops and bottoms cut off.

Recyclartfrom Recyclart

Diy: Easy Way To Cut Glass Bottles

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Easy Way


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cut bottles




Homedecor Homelighting

Jack O'Connell

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jack daniel's soap dispenser.

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Floating candles with sea shells at the bottom

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Watering Pet

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Vasos Pet

Self-watering planter made from recycled bottles

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Bing Wine


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How To Easily Cut The Bottom Off A Wine Bottle

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Wine bottle lighting idea



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Most easy way to cut glass bottles and reuse it for your decorations

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how to cut the bottom off a bottle -- to make LIGHTS!




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Wine bottle lights

Cutting A Bottle

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How To Cut Wine Bottles With String

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Diy Bottle Cutter

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How to cut a wine bottle without using any cutter!

Architecture Art Designsfrom Architecture Art Designs

16 Impressive DIY Ideas How To Recycle Empty Bottles

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Wine bottles into hanging planters-

Wit & Whistlefrom Wit & Whistle

DIY: Wine Bottle Light

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Idea Wine


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Cutting Wine Bottles With String Diy

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how to cut a bottle with string

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Christmas Break

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Glitter covered wine bottles