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The Greatest Pictures of Hot Guys with Cute Animals

Yup... The ONLY reason I pinned this is because of the baby goat. Surrrrre

Jason Momoa-the perfect picture of a fallen angel. <<<- Not my words but yes, that's what he reminds me of and it goes with a story that's been at the back of my mind for a while. *sighs* HERE I GO AGAIN! STR

I really just pinned this for the previous pinner's hilarious comment: I don't EVER pin hot photos of celebs, but this is Mark Ruffalo and I kind of sort of love him in a weird don't-know-him-at-all way and in my second life that I don't believe I will have I plan to marry this man. So, ladies, say hello to the future luckiest man alive. (lol)

I'm just going to.... be over here focusing on my breathing and attempting to calm my racing heart :D Where can i get me one of these?