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    Prince Harry, el nuevo integrante del Zoológico de The Cango Wildlife Ranch en Sudáfrica #animals

  • Narmina Aliyeva

    newborn hippopotamus

  • Jan

    Better than cat content :)

  • Candice Masson

    pygmy hippo baby... Hippos are my spirit animal :)

  • Joanne Iacona

    baby pygmy hippo-I always wanted a baby hippo as a little girl. Good thing I never knew about these little guys!!

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Harry the baby hippo! Are you kidding me!?! Baby hippo kisses! WTH I want baby hippo kisses.

OH MY GOODNES!! SO SO Cute Baby Hippo!! wish i could do that!! i wouldnt stop crying, tears of joy!

Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand. Mini Donkey foal!

Hippo Kisses...this reminds me of the time that you told me hippos are more dangerous than lions....

Meet Harry the hippo, a baby pygmy so small the average person could carry him around with ease. Harry was born last week at the Cango Wildlife Ranch in South Africa. His handlers are being forced to hand-rear Harry after his mother Hilda refused to feed him. "Pygmy hippo mothers are either great moms or silly moms. She unfortunately has lost a few of her babies after she squashed them." "These animals are such great characters, and we can see this with Harry." Check out more photos of Harry.

S mad that she has a hippo and I don't. Pinning this so Johnny believes me that people DO have hippos!

All baby animals are so cute. lo dicho los bebes mamiferos tienen una espresion corporal haechae para que se los quiera y se los mime son ADORABLES.y todos los mamiferos somos afines en esto

Chimpanzees are our closest relatives, with whom we share 99 percent of our DNA. We are more closely related to chimps than chimps are to gorillas. Humans didn't evolve "from" chimps. Rather both species evolved from separate ape like species. Those who coined the term "evolved from" chimps or monkeys, or those who still don't differenciate between apes and monkeys are highly misinformed.

Baby Hippos are my weakness!!!

All I want for birthday or any holiday for that a BABY HIPPO!