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Even though we thought it was Vivianne for a good long while, this is still the number one best Bridesmaid quote of all time-Watched this movie again love this part! The attack on the cookie is a close second


Bridesmaids (missing my fav quote: "What kind of name is Stove? Are you an appliance?

miss this show!!!

27 Times "Lizzie McGuire" Perfectly Captured College Life

A) Lizzie McGuire! B) I totally didn't realize the gym teacher in it is Coach Beiste in Glee!

New Girl, Zooey Deschanel, Lord of the Rings reference

Gotta love Zooey Deschanel...

New girl- " Lets take all of your Lord of The Rings references. Lets put them in a deep dark cave. where no one's gonna find them, ever." Jess is my hero. I LOVE LORD OF THE RINGS. Lets go to that deep dark cave and pull them all back out!

Possibly my favorite team drama moment in any movie ever.

"I gotta pocket, gotta pocket full of sunshine".I'm not a huge fan of this movie but I could watch this one scene 1000 times and still love it!- Easy A

BEST. MOVIE. EVER. Hilarious!! Hahahah <3

22 Eating Fails That Prove You Should Always Eat Alone

Megan from bridesmaids! Hahahaha (: This is the only scene that I watch, makes me laugh everytime.


my life every single morning.You think I'm kidding but I'm not I literally say this every morning before I leave for school.

I don't always make great decisions under pressure . . .

Modern Family - Phil under pressure! He's so cute! Lol so funny! Totally a good decision!

Art history lolz

Steve Carrell on Vincent Van Gogh in Dinner for Schmucks <--- I love this movie!