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    90's fashion

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    • Megan K

      90s Grunge Fashion - a style worn by musicians, who wore flannel and shapeless clothing, a kind of 'put on poverty' look. This was popular with the younger crowd of the 90s.

    • Urji Nemera

      Grunge Fashion: this was a popular style worn by young people in the 1990's. This look consisted of loose fitting flannel shirts, ripped dirty looking jeans, acid washed denim jackets, and black leather jackets.

    • Jamie Pridemore

      Grunge Fashion - Style that became popular during the early 1990s and originated as clothes worn by laborers in Seattle. This style is referred to as "put on poverty" and features ripped jeans, shapeless print dresses, plaid shirts, and denim vests.

    • Lauren Miller

      3. Grunge fashion: This was a popular style started by laborers and then adapted by musicians and surfers during the 1990s. Plaid skirts, jeans, and tees were key.

    • Amelia Coggins

      grunge fashion 1990s - Style of early 1990s. Associated with loose fitting clothes,long messy hair,and ripped jeans.

    • Lorraine K

      1990s Grunge fashion - Grunge was/is exactly what its called. Its not looking like you care at all about what you look like with ripped jeans, plaid, flannel shirts, and any t shirt you could find.

    • Dayse Marques

      Grunge Fashion: Originated as clothes worn by laborers in Seattle who wore plaid shirts, t-shirts, blue jeans. Very casual and unkempt style worn by many musicians and surfers. This look of "put-on poverty" was adopted by grunge fans, who liked shapeless print dresses, torn jeans, faded denim vests, and plain shirts.

    • Kristen Hamilton

      In the early 1990s, flannel became very popular and lasted through most of the decade. Unlike the fitted Western shirts of the 1970s which fastened with pearl snaps, the flannel shirts of the 1990s were padded and loose-fitting for optimum warmth. Men also wore Acid wash denim jackets, wool sweaters, black leather jackets, sheepskin coats, Members Only jackets, corduroy, anoraks, and polo shirts. '90s fashion; Grunge fashion-When I was in middle school "grunge" fashion reared its ugly head. I remember wearing holes in the knees of my jeans, a old Bevis and Butthead teeshirt under a oversized flannel shirt I stole from my dad. That was when I also used to color sections of my hair with markers and highlighters when I got bored in class, LOL.


      90s grunge, girl gotta an AiC shirt

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    I miss 90's fashions :(



    They call me redhead.

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    PRODUCT - My celebrity range with New Look and Zoella is all about bringing back the 90s fashion. I have added this photo as its of long 90s dresses, which will be a key item in our new range, with bright patters and summer styles.

    90's fashion! I used to do that to my hair!

    90's fashion, I love ,90's fashion way better than modern fashion!

    Yah, the hobo look!

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