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Funny Confession Ecard: instead of cleaning i just watched an episode of hoarders. i didn't realize how fantastic my house really looks.

And all other men have gone somewhere or disappeared .you need to watch yourself .I know how you make them over conscious that's where the depressions starts in women .you know what stop it let them be how they are with their husbands .thats their beauty


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Whether you eat it or throw it out, it's all going to the same place. JUST THROW IT AWAY.

Success is doing what you love and making it a career...but I don't know who will pay me to drink wine while looking at Pinterest?.. =)

Does it, hell?! We lose our minds to find our souls, our hearts remain untainted. We lose the mind that we were taught before; we unlearn the wrong, and are retaught what is right. The the head and heart speak the same, and that is how you find your soul.