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If you ever ask for the definition of my dream guy, I will show you a picture of Colton Haynes right away.

FEATURED MODEL Colton Haynes by Adam Fedderly. www.imageamplifie..., Image Amplified (5)

Colton Haynes.... you are so pretty;)

Whoever this is.. He is just perfect

Maeve hadn't seen it coming, and almost wished she had because the pain at seeing that boy from her past in the current situation was unexpectedly painful.

ahhhh dimples(: I loveee him. Even though hes the jerk on Teen wolf lol He's sexy. OMG OMG OMFG. HE'S SO HOT♥

tumblr_m6bar4HqDL1qd1z0mo1_1280.png (1000×1500)

Colton Haynes. Where have you been all my life?!

Colton Haynes, nggak ngerti deh harus gimana kalo punya pacar kaya diaa. kyyaaaaaak >

Colton Haynes. why, why Why WHy WHYYYY