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    Congratulations Troop 25596! They received the “Star of the North” from Congressman John Kline for their work gathering food for those in need.

    Working together works better! See the fun girls recently had at our Wacky Inventors events.

    Plan your Brownie meetings quickly and easy with River Valleys planning guides. Each guide is a plan for a full meeting including opening, closing, snacks and activities to earn a badge or award.

    This leader started organizing "badge extravaganzas" to keep girls engaged and help them earn awards

    Many of these would be fun, extra resources for Brownies working on their Bugs or Hiker badges.

    Fun, girl-friendly recipes that go along with Journey awards, like this Mango Dip for Brownies working on a World of Girls.

    Brownies working on the Painting badge may be curious as to the differences between brushes. Here's a good guide and tutorial for choosing the right brush.

    This teacher let children use simple items to create a 3-D game board - great ideas for Brownies working on the Making Games Badge

    AllinaHealth has created lesson plans that align well with many Girl Scout badges. Use them for fun ideas to complete steps of your healthy living and creativity badges.

    Science experiment filtering water. Great for Brownies working on WOW! Wonders of Water Journey.

    Bugs badge--ideas from a volunteer: Camping with your Brownie troop? Learning how to enjoy ALL aspects of the outdoors can be a challenge - help them enjoy it by working on the Bugs Badge. Our troop did a scavenger hunt to see how many bugs they could find near the camp site, listened to and observed bugs with an entomologist dad, made a bug poster, performed skits about bug habitats (cocoons, hives, etc.), and made a bug swap.

    Guide to the correct placement of badges, awards and insignia on Brownie uniforms

    Pet Care tips and tricks for kids - good resource for step 3 of Brownies' Pets badge, "help a pet stay healthy and safe"

    This troop completed their Wonders of Water Journey by encouraging their school to conserve water and move away from disposable bottles.

    This troop completed their Brownie Quest Journey with a project to have a sidewalk completed in their neighborhood.

    Visit channels like eHow on YouTube to lean how to do all kinds of dances - cool resource for step 2 of the Dancer Badge, Try a New Dance. In this one, we learn how to do the Charleston.

    Here are some fun ideas for "bug crafts" to go with Step 2 of the Bugs badge.

    This site has many calendar templates to choose from - all as Word docs for easy editing. Good resource for working on Step 4 of the My Great Day badge - have the girls make their own calendars to help them plan ahead.

    Choose My Plate is a great resource when working on Step 2 of the My Best Self badge. Find great worksheets, tips and tools to help girls make good nutrition choices.

    If your girls have basic sewing skills, making a shopping bag out of a t-shirt can be a fun way to complete step 3 or 4 of the Household Elf badge. Plastic bags not only take energy to make, they also end up in landfills and the ocean where they harm the environment.

    I wish I had lessons like this when I was trying to learn :) Great activity during a weather unit. 2 liter soda bottle cut in half. Put about an inch and a half of warm water (w blue food coloring) in the bottom. Invert the top of the bottle with the lid on and fill with ice. Watch the water condensate and watch it "rain" This would be a fun activity to go with the Wonders of Water Journey

    WOW! Wonders of Water project idea (you need an iPhone to do this with girls): Creek Watch is an iPhone application created by IBM Research that enables you to help monitor the health of your local watershed. Whenever you pass by a waterway, spend a few seconds using the Creek Watch application to snap a picture and report how much water and trash you see. We aggregate the data and share it with water control boards to help them track pollution and manage water resources.

    Fun coloring sheets on the water cycle to share with Brownies working on the Wonders of Water Journey

    Lesson Plan for the World of Girls Journey from Girl Scout Leader 101

    Story Stones is a fun game that could go along with the It's Your Story - Tell It Journey