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Beaded Bracelet

paint dipped bangles

color blocks. great combo

scarf headwrap

I loved Joanna Cole's yellow pants on Project Runway last week

I'd definitely wear pants but I love those colors together

they're cuter on her than the jcrew model. love and want.

Stackable Bangles

turquoise necklace

layered skirt

color blocking with scallops

twirly coral skit. love it with the green and blue.


orange tights; paper bag skirt

I want to feel that skinny. 7 months pregnant is starting to drag.

sparkly skirt

love the idea of rounding off the edges of the coat. May have to try that on a pattern.

red and blue

eyelet dress

I'm suddenly obsessed with coats.

geometric skirt

another white coat. 200 dollars isn't as bad - Anthropologie

color blocking on the bias

if only i had 700 dollars laying around...or could consciously allow myself to spend that much

Bo Peep scarf. Not sure I'd ever wear it but it sure looks cute and would be fun somewhere on an outfit