A SIMPLE STUFFED ANIMAL "ZOO": Wanted an out-of-the-way place to store the girls' stuffed animals but also allow them access. So I just took two of the lower shelves in our garage shelving and added 24" bungee cords to fronts and sides. Each cord stretches from bottom shelf through the middle shelf to the top.

Good idea here. Store your recycling bin under a bracketed shelf with a couple of simple slide guides. Empty recyclables are lightweight and kept off the floor.

organization station square

FREE instructions/plans on how to build a loft/playhouse bed

the zoo - i so need this for all of your stuffed animals!

Stuffed toy storage diy bungee cords

Super hero bedroom- shelves

Top of an old hutch painted and upcycled into shelves for the bath.

Add a board at the bottom of a bookcase to create a bin.

basket for expedit unit

DIY: How to Build a Wall Mount Bookshelf. // We've got a book shelf for little man in our living room currently. It seems that less books would end up on the floor if we had the shelves mounted...I knew there was a way to do this!

Organized garage using well measured labelled clear bins.

Another pinner notes..Someone did a similar concept in our garage but instead, installed 4 sets of wired platforms, that can each hold up to 2 large storage containers. This is perfect for my daughters clothes she grows out of, holiday decor, etc and takes so much off the floor to leave room to park in garage... i love this idea!!!

Garage organization- use bungee cords to store balls,

With a little wood, board, bungee cord, and a little crown molding, you can build yourself a stuffed toy storage bin.

Make hangers from ABS plastic pipe Hanging electrical cords and hoses on thin hooks or nails can cause kinks and damage the sheathing and wires. Use pieces of 3-in. ABS plastic plumbing pipe to make simple, inexpensive hangers.

Put a pantry in your garage! #storage #pantry

Scrapbooking Storage Center - Scrapbook in style with this super organized home scrapbooking center. The left side holds magazines and idea books in baskets as well as storage shelves for past scrapbooks or current projects. The right side is a mini crafts cabinet with stacking shelves to organize colored paper and bins for other supplies.

Love this tree!

Now this is making the most of your space!

PVC Bike Rack - awesome for in a garage to keep the bikes standing and organized!