Go Run.

Logg off, shut down, go run


true motivation!

Don't mind me, I'm just trying to motivate myself to go when I'd rather be doing any one of a hundred things.


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Go Fast or Go HOME

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Don't stop...

Running slow isn't a character flaw; quitting is. {Slow beats sitting on the couch!} #fitness #motivation

No Pain..No Gain!!

how to win.

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Running releases more than just sweat. Get that runner's high #everivyclothing #health #fitness #exercise #workout #body

just run.

this is so true #running

I'm a new runner and it seems as though I run out of energy pretty quickly! A nice bowl of pasta loaded with veggies is exactly what i need to power through!! (Eat Pasta. Run Fasta. by aaronarthur) #pastafitsme