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Peacock feather tattoo. I, personally am not much a fan of 'tats' , but I do appreciate many arenas, and this is absolutely beautiful

I don't think I'd get the birds but I love the feather and the wind. Plus I like how it forms infinity (intentional or not)

I got this tattoo done by Leah @ Electric Images Hortonville WI. I wanted a Phoenix as I felt it was a personal symbol for me. I had almost died 18 months before that & at that time decided to start over & remake myself from the ashes. I got healthy & lost 50 pounds. I continue to grow & feel reborn!

Phoenix Tattoo by starofdust_24, via Flickr

My Phoenix is fierce, strong, determined, and beautiful. It is me, reborn and reinvented as I enter and attack the second half of my life. Artist: Jessie Hopeless, Exile Tattoo, Kansas City, MO

inspiracja tatuaż i sukienka trochę luźna i odsłaniająca, sexy ale dla agaty bardziej delikatne to wszystko

Hey @Derek Kinsman! Crazy coincidence, eh? The size, shading, style, right down to the angle of the feather, so similar to mine! Weird...

This is the exact place I want my phoenix once I hit my goal wait this December... wait for it.

This is the beginnings of my phoenix sleeve. I wanted a phoenix just because of the symbolism of renewal and rising from the ashes. It was done by the wonderful Josie at Shaded Lady in Falmouth,UK. She drew up the perfect design for me and I couldn’t be happier with it!  scarlettfox.tumbl...

I kinda on the fence about tattoos but this was way too beautiful to pass up. The lace, the colors in the feathers... It the most artfully done tat I've seen in a while.