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    Identifying and Harvesting Wild Thistle - This girl is one of my favorites. She's just amazing. :)

    Chaga Mushroom Super Medicine Of This Age ∆ ∆ ∆ ♕ you tube. Long video. Very informative.

    Fall’s Wild Edibles

    Fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables are often left out of a camping diet, but once you can identify a few wild edibles youll eat much better when camping. If youve ever thought about eating wild edibles but didnt know when to start...the best time is in spring. The field guides we use for wild plant identification are: 1) Edible Wild Pl...

    hour long video - Edible Wild Plants Video Field Guide: 100 Useful Wild Herbs 1988

    wild mustard; greens and flowers are edible

    This book is crammed with essential, life-saving knowledge for anyone living or traveling for long periods in undeveloped areas without doctors close by. It can be found in the packs of transcontinental bicyclists, arctic explorers, missionaries and Peace Corp folks. The book is too heavy to lug around in a tourist backpack, but it is also available as a *FREE* PDF.

    .National past-time - collecting mushrooms! A very nice looking HRIB in this basket - the real Boletus - so delicious - the King of All Mushrooms!