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Ppl always say, "I can't believe Phil's going to be 30" because he acts and looks young. And I think that's because of Dan. Dan needed a friend to grow up with, and Phil made sure he did

Please do not confuse my thoughts with my spoken words. Put in the element of thinking in bilingual, I may even get my syntaxes wrong at times. But most often than not, I say what I mean, I mean what I say. Remember, it's easy. That's what I said two hours ago. =P #answersferye

Want to know what anxiety is? It's an overtaking of your life. It's seeing a car coming towards your car and automatically thinking "They will hit me and I will be killed." It is hearing your friend sigh after you finish speaking and automatically thinking "They were talking about me." It is losing your headphones and then frantically searching for them, not because you want to listen to music, but because it is something that you hold as constant. Imagine that as a daily thing.

Okay, but seriously? Karkat is like, the sweetest guy ever! He suppresses all of his motions in order to maintain some sense of leadership, and even when shit goes to chaos, all he ever does is out of the best interest of his friends. AND he's cute. So.

What if his dad fed it to him...? What if Mr. Lupin practically shoved the chocolate down his son's mouth...trying to kill the dog in him...Remus never knew...he just thought his dad loved chocolate and it became a comfort for him..<-----why must u do this to me

dailyya: ENDLESS LIST OF FAVORITE CHARACTERS (1/∞) Karou from The Daughter of Smoke & Bone Trilogy 'Daughter of my heart,' was the message Brimstone sent just for Karou. She wanted to cry again right here in the court, thinking of it. ‘Twice-daughter, my joy. Your dream is my dream, and your name is true. Y o u  a r e  a l l  o f  o u r  h o p e.’