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Drip-effect Portraits by Marcello Castellani

Based out of Bogotá, Colombia, visual artist Marcello Castellani has an eye-catching style when it comes to portraits. Starting off by using traditional photography to capture his subject, he proceeds to add layers of digital paint using a variety of software to generate the desired result. Artwork © Marcello Castellani Via Behance

Gabriel Moreno has been recognized as one of the most influential illustrators in the world of advertising during the last decade. In recent years, Gabriel Moreno has also developed his personal line of work by creating elegant pieces that make striking statements about female beauty through the use of flowing and precise fine black lines with shocks of accenting color. Read the full interview here:

This artists seems to have used an array of different colours, either gels lights, flash filters or digitally manipulated. Anyhow, the array of colours being blurred creates an eerie feel to the photo by giving it a sense of motion combined with sensuality. It almost has the essence of a blurred night life cityscape. I plan to experiment with this blurred gel-light effect in my own images.

from Society6

Smirk Red Lips Art Print

tumblropenarts: Black and Grey Digital Artwork. From Valencia Pierre, an artist, illustrator, living in Montreal, Qc.

from Co.Design

After Decades Of Pixel Painting, Chuck Close Goes Truly Digital

This is a Chuck Close Self-Portrait made in 2010. I like this because of the fragmented pieces and colors he creates to make on big self portrait from a distance.