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  • Brandi Jo

    NEED this ice cream lock at my house! #icecream

  • Liz Vogel

    Ben and Jerrys ice cream lock. NEED THIS!

  • Robyn Sorrell

    40 Amazing Life Hack Products You Never Knew You Needed - ice cream lock for Jim's midnight snack raids!

  • Robert Drowning

    Not a bad idea... and funny, to boot. Course, you could save yourself 10 bucks and just eat it all in one crack. My strategy, anyway. - Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

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Ahahahaha! "There is no u in my pint." I would seriously get me a lock for my Ben and Jerry's icecream. That's some serious stuff.

eeew, I can just imagine a big clown popping out at me. Hate clowns...

This is real life. Or I wish it was real life. good, but so bad . To be eaten while watching Seasons 1,2,3 and if your still alive season 4 of Doctor Who.

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, but if you continue to scream like that I'm going to act like I don't know you.

just when you thought you have seen it all... here to find out more

Oh, songpocalypse. "Never mind I'll find someone, like I knew you were trouble when you walked in, and need me, man, but I don't need you!"