Any given moment

Always remember

Need to remember this!

something i need to remember....


Enjoy the moment

Live, Love, Listen & Speak

GandhiTo believe in something and not to live it is is dishonest. - Gandhi

this moment.

True value of a moment

live well


Words to live by. I need to remember this more. I'm always comparing my life to how I expected it to be by now. Got to trust I'm on the right path and I'll get to "the good stuff" when the time is right.

Can't disagree with this quote.

Tact - if only we could be better at this. Especially in online communications. Isaac Newton quotes----I NEED TO WORK ON THIS

True true

Got courage? You have more than you think you do. #takescourage #becomewhoyouare #findit #courage #beyou #quote #inspire


This is so true. Make every day, every moment worth it. Because the time you spend doing things, you can never get back